DNA4 Technologies is a team of scientists and software engineers developing and implementing advanced tools to help clients address pressing questions.

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Our People

David L. Erickson, Ph.D.,  Co-Founder and CEO

With over two decades of experience in genetics, David leads the laboratory operations, and works closely with software engineers to develop, test and implement software analytics.  As one of the leading developers of DNA Barcoding technology, David has continued to embrace and develop new technologies that underlie DNA4 Tech’s commitment to innovation and service.


Lars C. Erickson, MD, MPH, Co-Founder and CFO

Lars brings considerable business experience and leadership talent to DNA4 Tech having participated in a range of health product startups.  Lars’ background in medicine, public health and technological savvy allow him to map new territory where we can best apply our expertise in genetics and software development.


Liam Wang, Software Engineer

Liam bring years of experience and creativity to the development of the software we use, and its implementation on the AWS cloud system.


Kevin Chu, Software Engineer

Kevin bring a tremendous degree of coding experience to the day to day logistics and operations that underlie our services and in particular development of the Genome2-ID Portal.


Shu Zhang, Molecular Biology

Shu manages daily laboratory operations including all sequencing and DNA archival.  Her focus and attention to detail ensure we deliver excellence to our clients.