Services We Offer


DNA4 Technologies is a contract service laboratory that develops and implements cutting edge data analysis methods for DNA based identification of natural product identity. Our proprietary software uses Next Generation Sequencing DNA data to accurately and precisely identify the taxonomy identity and relative quantity of the plant and animal constituents of products.


Genome2-ID software is a powerful data analysis tool that utilizes entire genomes as references, providing excellent species species level identifications, with high statistical accuracy.  Get the most out of the revolution in Next Generation Sequencing and Big Data analytics  with Genome2-ID.

DNA Barcoding

Our traditional DNA barcode service utilizes the accepted DNA barcode regions for animals, plants, fungi and bacteria respectively.
The DNA barcoding tests take advantage of constant and detailed curation of large reference sequence databases, with fast turn-around times at an economical price.


Kprint is an ultra hi-resolution data analysis tool, that compares millions of sequences from throughout the genome of a sample to reference genomes.  The high resolution is most appropriate for use in sourcing materials and in matching individuals.