What does transparency look like?

The routine testing of natural products for industry requires that those who do the testing can be trusted.  The question then is what form does that take?  How does one judge whether a company or process can be trusted?  In part, when we use genetics, that trust comes from being transparent with the materials used as references.  Traditionally, the genetic data used as references has been treated as a company secret.  But if the data is not available for scrutiny and evaluation – why should anyone accept it?

At DNA4 Technologies, we recognize that trust requires transparency.  That is why we publish all of our reference DNA data so that all clients, partners and even competitors, can see that data.  And we put our money where out mouth is, by publishing data on repositories such as GenBank for all to see. 

Our commitment can be summarized in just a few letters, like: PRJNA505513

Because we are committed to doing this the right way, the data, references and processes we use to match client samples to reference sequences is transparent, repeatable, and ultimately, trustworthy.

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